Thursday, October 29, 2015

Incredible Shrinking Candidate Field and GOP: Both Short on Substance

Lots of screeching. Not much substance. 
Plenty of hot air and tons of nasty personal attacks.

One thing I'll give the GOP credit for their new and improved and quite slick PR machine.

They skillfully sidestep critical issues while telling their base how hard they are working for them on their behalf.  At the same time, they flame everyone around them who disagrees while they and focus on the most-minute details of their own core issues, which mean little to the average American, like this short list:

1.  Pushing for more tax breaks and always for “the job creators” (those who end up creating jobs offshore), and of course, protecting them and their huge profits in offshore accounts.

2.  Repealing Obama-care in every bill and always without a plan for the 17 million now on board in the system.

3.  Blasting the MSM via FOX day and night to pass along that message.

4.  Seeking more war on their terms no matter where and when or how, and no matter if the U.S. goes it alone or not as pander to and pump up the MIC (that Ike warned us about).

5.  Embracing the constitution in every breath but while proposing amendments left and right with little or no substance.

6.  Clinging to more guns (and more not less money in politics), more open carry law for just about anywhere, more Bibles, and more private takeover of government all while preaching how they are serving the country with their cheap shots from GOP central, known as: “Holier than thou Mount.”

The worst part is that they never if ever mention the real root and simple truth with the GOP as illustrated in this one picture - in my opinion:

Hard to believe (just ask the nearest GOPer - they will set you straight).

Thanks for stopping by. I can hardly wait until the next GOP debate (grin).

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