Friday, September 4, 2015

Trumpeting Tax Break Horn (which is okay) But, Not on Taxpayer Backs

Golf Course Guru, too: Fore.....!!!!

This story caught my eye and I am sure yours, too... and it darn sure is worthy of open and honest discussion from USA Today here, in part with this headline:

Trump seeks 90% tax cut at New York golf club

I had to the read the story twice to fully comprehend what I was reading or what Mr. Trump's intention truly was ... in simple terms (my view): “T-rump wants a huge tax break for himself and pass the bill to local taxpayers around this golf resort,” or as Ossining (NY) Receiver of Taxes Gloria Fried said: “He’s going to pass the tax burden on to everybody else. And we still won’t get to play on his golf course (sic).”

And, this man wants to be president - okay, fine and dandy run for president all you want but don't ride into office on the backs of the people you have pledged to preserve, protect, and defend under our supreme law of the land for your own self interest and financial benefit.

I'm done now ... continue the story, and thanks for stopping by.

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