Friday, September 11, 2015

ISIS World Threat: More on Display Every Day — They Must be Eradicated

Not a Scene the World Needs to See Again  

Limited or Light Exposure: How it looks in a few spots

Massive Exposure to Chemical Weapons

I have advocated for some time the immediate and total confrontation of and complete eradication of ISIS. They have shown on far too many occasions their graphic and ugly and sickening photos and videos of the death and destruction they have spread on a wide scale all cross Syria, Northern Iraq, and elsewhere. They must be stopped at any cost. 

Below is a link to a recent and chilling report from the BBC.


The reality of the situation is that the world must unite and work now to confront ISIS/ISIL en masse and totally wipe them out. There is no gray area here — it is black white.

They must be stopped once and for all. Any delay is impossible to measure or understand or comprehend what they will do next. Delay is not an option for a civilized world to react.

The BBC report is here - it is about 4 and half minutes - click here to view.  

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