Saturday, August 1, 2015

"I'm Here Because the Man Upstairs Wants Me Here" Shut Up and Listen

"He told me to run, He picked me to run, He wants me to run, He will see that I win..." 

T-rump 2016: Hell, Why Not!!!

From Inside Gov here, and I truly love this site for their work on this topic about Donald Trump that they present this way:

"It can be hard to disprove people's opinions. That is, unless the opinion in question is one of the inflammatory remarks that flies out of Donald Trump's mouth. The amount of racial-, gender- and class-based insults Trump has hurled throughout his time in the public spotlight is simply staggering. The only thing more surprising is that Trump is somehow currently leading the GOP primary polls (though his final descent might be beginning after his recent comments about John McCain).

"Inside Gov, knows that Trump's presidential campaign is more or less a giant marketing campaign for his wide-ranging business investments. His bid for the Republican nomination might last longer than it did in 2012, but make no mistake – it will eventually peter out. The 15 percent or so of the GOP constituency that currently supports him very well could do so until the bitter end. But once Trump's opponents start to wither away and their supporters consolidate, Trump will stand no chance at representing Republicans in 2016.

"There's also a decent chance his campaign is self-suspended long before that because of an insensitive remark or three that sends him plummeting in the polls. So, Inside Gov gathered 23 of his most insulting comments on the record, and set out to disprove those that are refutable.  

"Click here to see the 23 worse from the Trump Tower of Intolerance."  

My P.S. – for all those cynics about government this, or that, or Obama is awful this or that, or just in general, who hate government and say about a new radical on the stage: “I still like him no matter what he says, since most of what he says is true, even though it’s for show and impact.” 

I say, okay, fair enough … but choosing a president is NOT a reality show, or seeing who can dance or sing or perform the best circus act, is it? Jeez I sure hope we have haven’t reached that level (yet)????

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