Friday, May 1, 2015

Worse of the Worst: GOP Paranoia Run Amok - Not Covered by Obama-care

2016 GOP Budget Has Easy Way to Repeal the ACA/Obama-care
(replacement finally revealed)

Texas Worried About Obama-inflicted Martial Law
(under the cover of DOD exercise)

First the Texas story - a real bad case of paranoid at the highest levels seen here in part:

Texas residents were up in arms this week over a planned U.S. military training exercise that's been portrayed in right-wing conspiracy theory circles as everything from a ploy to confiscate Americans' guns to an excuse to abduct political dissidents. The speculation reached such a fever pitch that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) on Tuesday asked the State Guard to monitor the exercise so that “that Texans know their safety, constitutional rights, private property rights and civil liberties will not be infringed.”

Gov. Abbott's next move I suspect: Seek the GOP nod for the White House, right after he consults with Perry about eye glasses. Yep that's the ticket for image change:

Oh, yeah, cool, man, cool !!!

Now, that cruel budget and GOP's plan to repeal the ACA in an easy manner:

April 30: S Con Res 11 passed the House on a final vote: "Yes" 226 and 197 "No" with all DEMS voting yes, and who were joined by 14 GOPers who also voted “No.”

This budget is harsh, nasty, cruel, cold, callous, vindictive, and well…. just plain awful for several key reasons, some listed here, but in no particular order:

  1. It has a long time GOP measure to aid in dismantling the ACA (Obama-care), which now serves millions of Americans.
  2. It ups the funding for defense and potentially more war and a missile program that a lot of DOD questions the need for.
  3. It proposes $76.6 billion measure to fund the Veterans Affairs Department and military construction projects.
  4. Slashes about $5.3 trillion from domestic spending over 10 years with deep cuts to programs that serve the poor, education, and infrastructure and seeks balance by 2025.
  5. Has no tax increases – so that is great for middle class but lets the rich continue on their schedule (with Bush tax cuts and a niece economic recovery since 2008).  Their sustained version of “trickle down.”
  6. Gives the GOP a rare opportunity to use a procedural tool (gimmick by another name) that would make repeal or replacement of Obama-care simple and easy.
Summary: Ignore or punish the poor, hungry, homeless, hard-working Americans now enjoying a relative chance at a comeback since 2008 and especially for the millions now with health care and let the rich slide, and well, just punish Mr. Obama for helping Americans ... isn't that what we say we stand for: Helping America move forward and not this harshness? 

The raw truth as it were:

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