Monday, May 25, 2015

How to Engage and Combat and Defeat ISIS Now, Not Later, Now

I posted this earlier (see below post) ... ISIS to Supporters: COME ON IN ...

Good for Combat, but Not 100% Effective all the Time
(evidence on the ground today proves that point)

Serious talk about this serious issue is long overdue: ISIS needs to go. 

This very excellent link provides research on this topic - check it out here to bring yourself up to speed on ISIS.

Also, this article is the one that got me into this research on this Memorial Day 2015. That article and I are in sync on this subject of of combating ISIS.

From all my research and current events and actions regarding ISIS, and along with my personal views, I conclude this strategy to eradicate them: 

All free world treaty nations such as those in the UN, NATO, CENTO, SEATO, EU, ASIAN, or any others out there, must band together, pitch in with troops and equipment, and then engage united against ISIS for world peace and safety and humanitarian reasons in that region. ISIS is in a word, a serious threat to humanity.

The way ISIS is acting with the massive and outrageous public killings ranks #1 in horror. They must be stopped or consequences will widen to a level that they cannot never be stopped from spreading like the plague or worse, because they are. Imagine if they gain total control of Iraq or Syria as a major operating base.

Since my years in Vietnam, I assure anyone of how much I hate war. Now the "however." However, sometimes, nations must commit to war - this is one of those times. Engage and fighting against ISIS is for all the right and just reasons I can think of. 

If there was ever a valid point to measure how a nation or nations commit and engage in war, this is that moment. Again, I want to reemphasize that the effort must be on a world-wide united scale and single-minded front or nothing less. And, we must not settle for anything less that the total destruction forever of the evil scourge of ISIS.

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