Sunday, May 10, 2015

Clear Threat to Our Democracy, Equality, Freedom, Rights: Big Campaign $$$$$

What Our System Should Be 
(Exact opposite is true)

Toothless, Weak, Ineffective
(FEC's own admission)

Who Wants To Own a Billionaire
(New quiz show)

The hunt is on to find and own your own billionaire for 2016.

Classic recent example is that Sen Marco Rubio has his pet billionaire. Now the rest of the RED field is on the hunt for theirs. 

The Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson are in the lineup looking for that one GOPer to fund and prop up for the finish line. To be fair, so are a few big-money DEMS (even HILL says she will need to raise $2 billion to be competitive) ... that simply take our breath away. But, does it? If not, why not? 

Simple: the high court in two key rulings has said: "There are not rules, give until it hurts and as much as you want." Well... someone will be hurt? Oh, yeah, We, the People. So, what?

For those who still cling to the false idea that "money is speech," then how come the billionaires own all the dictionaries and ground rules and the rest of us (95% I suspect) are dumbfounded? Maybe we are happy the billionaires fork over the money so we don't have to - you think? This kind of ruling sure seems to keep that field uneven and unfair:

Then add in the "Super PAC's" et al (e.g., the Koch pledge to raise and spend $1 billion) is the other critical example, and also thanks to that God-awful Citizens United 5-4 ruling.

This short clip from MSNBC puts a few key points into more perspective than perhaps I can. I know money is needed to run a campaign, but the amounts, sources, and utter out of control mentality seems to me to trump everything else and make for a lousy joke - an insane joke - on We, the People. 

It is plain to see that the people are not well-served - not one bit. Candidates are supposed to convince voters to back them and support them and vote for them; not woo billionaires with the biggest checkbooks, or did I sleep in class on that point?

The clip is about 7 minutes.

Something serious is very wrong. 

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