Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Support and Defend Religious Freedom 100%: But Not As Weapon Against Others

 GOP-Conservative Hero: For many reasons, yes, and especially this one ...

Not a license to harm others: Not in America not this time

This is a very painful story to post and read and follow for many reasons. The story here ....

Right up front, I ask: Do you want to be a witness the U.S. slowly going down the proverbial drain? If so, then this story leads the way down that pipe. It highlights the latest and growing set of tactics and strategy by the GOP (*extreme right wing). It is quite frankly, beyond belief and yes, even worrisome on so many levels.

Brief Intro from the Story: Generally speaking, not every court or agency agrees that it is illegal to fire a woman because of her decision to get pregnant, use contraception, or have an abortion.

Now, the but ...

Enter the new GOP tactics: Zealots, and yes, they are zealots who wear religion on their sleeves as a shield and weapon for any purpose they deem fit, even if that means trampling on rights of others.

As I said, it is beyond belief, but believe it – it is all around us. Tread lightly and with caution.

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