Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Poor, Poor Persecuted White Christian Americans Who Happen to be GOPers

Bully O'Lielly: Smokescreen to get pressure off of him ... 
(shrewd, slick, savvy, but quite shitty)

Wow!!! White America and by extension, White Christian America are being persecuted. Easy and especially vulnerable target: GOPers from “Red” states. Did not know that!!!

Quick, man the moats, hoist the drawbridges, and fill up the ditches with more 'gators. We have to rescue, save, and preserve them. Po' whittle devils.  

Err ... why should we do that anyway? Just to reinforce the old tried and true rock solid RNC platform plank for 2016. Sure, why not. Now that makes sense. Pander to the red meat base anyway possible.

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