Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Now 100% Certain: The GOP is Full of Bigots, Racists, Nasty, Ugly, Mean People

Jindal Tries to Put Icing on the GOP's Shit Sandwich
(to make it sweet and more palatable)

Related to this now almost out-of-control story that I have been tracking closely about that letter 47 GOP senators signed to Iran telling them any nuclear deal needed their approval and not President Obama's. 

Now Iran has responded (LA Times story) by saying in part that “The United is Untrustworthy.”

Anchor-baby Gov. Piyush “Bobby (his reel name)” Jindal (R-LA) steps in (and I mean really steps in it) and doubles down by resetting the game board.

“Jindal — who has tried to stand out in a crowded presidential field with strident attacks on President Obama’s foreign policy — issued a call today (March 10, 2015) for “all potential presidential candidates” to sign on to a letter written by 47 GOP senators to the government of Iran.”

I have only thing to say:  Jindal and those like him are sick, mean, nasty, ugly, spiteful, arrogant, and  flat out wrong on this issue (like so many other issues before as they constantly insult Mr. Obama). I hope they live to regret this latest stunt w/o harming the country with their crap.

I'm done now.

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