Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Think the Past Doesn't Matter for 2016 GOP Field: Ha — Think Again

Pick of the Litter (as it were)

Some may think I am a bit off with this post, but I don't think so. 

GOPers are famous, or infamous (depending on your view), for saying things like: “We have to stop acting like Democrats and stand by our roots ...”

Well, alrighty then. Remember these lyrics (my editing for flavor) - kinda fits here:

“And then along came JEB, tall thin JEB”
“Slow walkin' JEB, slow talkin' JEB”
“Along came long, lean, lanky JEB” 

(That is my take on that great tune by the The Coasters - Along Came Jones Lyrics | Metro Lyrics)

The story that got my attention comes from DETROIT – In his first major speech of the 2016 cycle, Republican John Ellis (Jeb) Bush said he would tackle income inequality, poverty and education as part of a broad campaign to restore Americans’ “right to rise.” (Note the use of the word "right" implies GOP-rightwing).... He sounded better than some DEMS I know.

Bush further said: “The opportunity gap is the defining issue of our time. More Americans are stuck at their income levels than ever before. It’s very hard for people to go from the bottom rungs of the economy to the top or even the middle. This should alarm you. It has alarmed me.”

Whoa, he sure got that part right: We all are a bit alarmed!!! And, quite frankly we don't need any more bushes around to decorate the White House. So, just mosey along. Thanks, but no thanks.

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