Monday, February 23, 2015

How to Cure GOP Lies: Drink a Bottle of Truth and Take Hot Shower

Analogy of the GOP Voter Base

Gosh Jiminy: Lies, What Lies

It is wrong to totally ascertain or suggest that all Republicans are easily-misled simpletons. They are not. Yet the GOP consistently panders to their easily-misled simpletons (we call it the GOP base) and with the most egregiously dishonest ideas in American politics carefully crafted and designed and delivered by a massive and effective propaganda machine.

Otherwise, they tend to fall for the propaganda it just like the guy pictured above. Taken from these two sources here and here.

Here is list of the TOP 10: 

10. Obama Doubled the Deficit.
9. Man-made Climate Change is a Hoax.
8. Cold Weather Disproves Climate Change.
7. Tax Cuts Do More To Stimulate the Economy Than Food Stamps and Unemployment Benefits.
6. Cars Kill a Lot of People and No One Wants to Ban Them Like Guns.
5. The Affordable Care Act Covers Abortion-Inducing Emergency Contraception.
4. Obama-phones (and other "free stuff for DEM votes").
3. It’s Safer to Have a Gun in Your House, or a Concealed Weapon on Your Person.
2. Exhaling Releases “Dangerous” CO 2.
1. Voter Fraud is a Serious Issue That Requires Strict New Voter ID Laws.

The biggest ones related to the Affordable Care Act (Obama-care):

1.  They said it had death panels (it does not).
2.  They said it was a government takeover and the insurance industry is making record profits (half right).
3.  They said it covered illegals (it does not).
4.  They said it was a job killer (it is not).

Then this from these four: 

1.  Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) on the Shameless Hannity radio show: “I can’t help but believe, just based on the way we’ve got all these nebulous excuses why not to have a travel ban, this president, I guarantee you, we’re going to find out, he has cut a deal with African leaders. They’re going to bring people in.”
2.  Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (R-TX): ISIS Is Coming Over The Border Due To Discovered Prayer Rugs. Dewhurst claimed that ISIS prayer rugs were recently found at the border, signaling a possible invasion. The prayer rugs turned out to be Adidas jerseys.
3.  Joni Ernset (R-IA) as candidate and now U.S. Senator. She warned that she carries her pistol just in case the government tries to confiscate it and thus we all need to carry a gun.
4.  Rep. Don Young, (R-AK) once said that social programs are leading to suicide due to corresponding decline in support from family and friends. He later apologized.

Just for the record. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your hot shower.

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