Saturday, February 28, 2015

CPAC 2015: TEA Party Cesspool to Bellow Against Anything Good and Decent

The "Root of Legislative Evil"
(Center for Radical Laws that Benefit a Few and Harm Many)(

Big Runaway Money Since Citizens United (2010) Ruling
(It's the money, stupid)

First of all, who is ALEC and what do they stand for? In a nutshell:

For almost 40 years now, up to 300 of the largest US corporations — including Koch Industries, Verizon, Bank of America, and Exxon *to name few biggies — have used ALEC to push model legislation, which is beneficial to their corporate interests, into law in the states. 

ALEC boasts that a third of all state legislators in the U.S. are members, introducing around 1,000 ALEC bills every year. By using ALEC to pursue their agenda, they are able to hide their fingerprints, avoid lobbying disclosure, and evade the kind of increased scrutiny that comes when citizens know it’s actually corporations that drafted some of their most important laws.

Recent ALEC bills have rolled back voting rights, reduced environmental protections, and stripped away collective bargaining rights for workers around the country just to name some.

Snapshot from Wikipedia:

Founded: September 1973
Current CEO: Ron Scheberle
Nonprofit category: Government and Public Administration
Tax code status: 501(c) (3)
Founders: Paul Weyrich, Mark Rhoads, Henry Hyde, Lou Barnett

Now about CPAC 2015 – a few key notes from here for those concerned about public education:

CPAC represents the largest gathering of right-wing conservatives from around the country bent on finding ways to undermine public education and limit opportunity for students.

Without a doubt, discussions about siphoning away taxpayer dollars from public education and funneling them into private and religious schools and expanding privately-run charter schools that, despite getting public funding, are not accountable or transparent to the communities they are supposed to serve are red meat for that crowd.

A lot of the speaker’s ideas and prepared talking points come from the ALEC playbook, which includes restricting the ability of educators to advocate for their students and dismantling public education.

Then there is anti-Union types (Scott Walker, in charge) etc. In short just about anything good is fair game for them … the more red meat the better: anti-this, that, druthers.  

Enjoy the research.

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