Monday, January 19, 2015

Who Fights for the Middle Class, Low-Income, the Poor: GOPers or DEMS

Prospective 2016 Field Leaders
(So, who stands with the middle class? The one in the middle)

GOP 2012 Model
(How's that work out)

I love this story from the WSJ. Here is their headline:

Defending the Middle Class Takes Central Role in 2016 Race

The story:

When did populism become so fashionable?

Income inequality has assumed a central place in the evolving 2016 presidential campaign, with would-be candidates of both parties tripping over themselves to champion the interests of a struggling middle class–the rich be damned.

The latest is Republican Mitt Romney, who in the 2012 race was criticized for being a walking, talking caricature of the out-of-touch plutocrat. Mr. Romney, who is considering a third bid for the White House, delivered a speech at a Republican gathering in San Diego that sounded as if it came from the mouth of liberal firebrand Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

Romney said in part: “The rich have gotten richer, income inequality has gotten worse and there are more people in poverty than ever before under this president.” (Notice “under this president” and not under any others including the harsh party Mr. Romney belongs to?? – a slip of the mind gears, eh).  (Also, Ms. Warren might have skipped the dig at President Obama, but you get the point).

The same day that Mr. Romney spoke, Democrat Hillary Clinton sent out a tweet in which she sided against the big Wall Street banks in a fight over financial regulation. Some in Congress are pushing to loosen the Dodd-Frank regulatory measures taken after the 2008 financial collapse

John Ellis Bush (Jeb are his initials obviously). He tries to come across and portray himself as a GOP moderate. Kinda like Dubya with his “I’m a compassionate conservative” pitch.  We'll see. 

Parting note from Sodahead here and an interesting list:

Do You Believe That the GOP Platform, and Conservatives, Represent the Dark Side?

When you look at things, in society, that would generally be considered kind, good, or nice, the GOP is against it. Things that would be generally considered bad, evil, or cold, they are for. The only thing that Democrats are “for” that would be considered evil, is abortion.

As for Republicans, they generally view as favorable:

1.  War
2.  Guns
3.  Greed
4.  Pollution
5.  Oppression
6.  Discrimination
7.  Voter Suppression

At the same time, GOPers dislike:

1.  Gays
2.  The Arts
3.  Environmental Protections
4.  Hispanics
5.  Women
6.  Sex
7.  Education
8.  Equality
9.  The Less Fortunate
10.  Workers
11.  Intellect
12.  Anything that feels good

Continue reading and researching – it’s a long way until November 2016. Ouch.

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