Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Okay, Pop Quiz: Who Didn't See This Coming, Raise Your Hand

When the GOP Has Control of Congress
(The legislative agenda)

Three quickies to emphasize my point ... this GOP is already out of control:


They’re Baaack … Inside the GOP’s 80 Year War on Social Security


House Judiciary Chair: Not ‘Necessary’ to Fix Voting Rights Act


This is related the voting issue, re: the November 2014 midterm election quick analysis:

How did the GOP gain power in November? For one, older, white voters who traditionally support Republican went to the polls in droves.

Turnout among traditionally Democratic groups, e.g., young, minorities, and women was down.

The overall turnout declined to an estimated 36.6% of eligible voters, the lowest rate of participation since the 1940s.

Mr. Obama’s poor performance and approval rating undoubtedly played a role in the lower turnout and was strongly reinforced by the GOP PR machine. However, more evidence is piling up that the systematic voter suppression (in mostly RED/GOP states) re: harsh voter ID laws and dubious voter fraud prevention software played a significant part in keeping people from casting ballots. Examples:

In Texas, Democrat Wendy Davis lost badly to Republican Greg Abbott for the state house. More important than the defeat is that Texas had the lowest voter turnout in the country at 33%, down from 38% four years earlier.

It’s difficult to determine to what precise extent their new voter ID law is to blame, but official records in Texas shows that “there are somewhere between 600,000 and 1.4 million registered voters in Texas without state IDs. Think Progress also documented how some Texas voters were dropped from the rolls or denied ballots because they couldn’t afford new IDs.

In Tennessee and Kansas, a recent GAO report found that voter turnout eased considerably in those two states in 2012.  In Texas, there are indications the same thing happened, too.

In Georgia, nearly 40,000 new voters mysteriously vanished from the rolls, possibly due to a new and controversial software system known as Crosscheck. Turnout was only 34%, which is down six percentage points from 2010.

Back to the future as it were (I guess)???

Now we seeing the results of the election, the low-voter turnout which I conclude was due directly to the harsh voter ID laws, and they were by crafted carefully with one object: TO SUPPRESS THE VOTE SO THE GOP WOULD WIN, and it worked. 

No one needed a crystal ball to have predicted this outcome (I state the obvious).

I'm done now ... enjoy.

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