Friday, January 2, 2015

Moving into 2015 on a High Note and Optimistic Not a Sour Puss


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Even GOP children: they seen to learn early and quickly (cute kid - added for humor):


2014 wrap up... For those who hoped to see the American economy succeed, here are a lot of reasons to smile today – GOP frowns not included:

1.  Economic growth is at an 11-year high.
2.  Job growth at a 15-year high.
3.  The stock market is soaring - setting new DOW and S&P highs.
4.  Wages are rising.
5.  Gas prices are plummeting.
6.  American manufacturing is improving.
7.  Those previously uninsured and without health care – that rate is dropping.
8.  And, much, much more.

President Obama has good reason to boast about “America’s resurgence.”

The GOP, natch, continues to show their great displeasure and for no good reason except, well... that who they are: the party of bitter sour pusses, even their pet cats know the score.

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