Tuesday, December 23, 2014

GOP Yearns for the Good Old Days or So It Seems

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A quick yet timely post ... enjoy. 

For those hoping to see the American economy succeed, there are a lot of reasons to smile today:

1.  Economic growth is at an 11-year high.
2.  Job growth at a 15-year high.
3.  The stock market is soaring - setting new DOW and S&P highs.
4.  Wages are rising.
5.  Gas prices are plummeting.
6.  American manufacturing is improving.
7.  Those uninsured rate (previously without health care) is dropping.

President Obama boasts about “America’s resurgence.”  

In an ironic (short turn around and twist from the midterms), the public may be starting to believe him – therefore blocking out the previous GOP PR stunts to paint Mr. Obama as a “failure” – their “Big Lie” as it were.

So, why is the GOP as silent as a church mouse. Just wait, give them time. When they do speak out and rest assured, they will, it will sound something like this:

“Hey, wait till we fully take over. We will make things much better (all as they claim all the credit and some sort of victory dating back to 2009). Will that kind of new PR stunt work. Like I said, it worked in the recent midterms, didn't it?

They kind of remind me of the old GOPer pictured above. He was the most-silent one at the time on critical economic issues, pretty much like the GOP of today on critical economic good news mentioned above. Who says history does not repeat itself?  

Thanks for stopping by. The GOP silence is deafening.

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