Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Can the GOP Lead After Roadblocking While Clearly Unable to Define Leading

“New” America!!  What Happened to the Old America???
(Expect family values, guns, and other neat GOP stuff)

Sample of the New-Old GOP Plan

Pretty good post-election run down here (click here to watch the segment) ... There will be much more as we see the reins of power change after the New Year.

Expect the GOP to be more business friendly (if that’s even possible), more anti-public just about everything (education, Unions, etc.), as always standing for more for jobs (whether that includes more off-shore movement or not remains to be seen), and routinely tax cuts for the top rung in exchange for jobs, lower taxes, and bringing back trillions they have safely stored off-shore in Swiss and Cayman banks since their great recovery after 2008.

All the while, BTW as wages remain stuck in 2nd gear and they resist raising wages and actually creating jobs here at home.

So, hang on tight – it's gonna be a very lively and bumpy two years for Mr. Obama and the country ... I predict that a lot of voters are going to have “buyer's remorse” very soon. Time till tell.

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