Monday, October 13, 2014

ISIS or ISIL: Which One Is It and Does It Matter, Why or Why Not

We Need to "Know Our Enemy" 
(Make no mistake: they are everyone's enemy)

ISIS Prefers to be Called ISIL
(The "L" Map Area of Their Ambition)

The “L” part of their self-identified label: The “Levant” today (according to the so-called “leadership”) consists of controlling areas of CyprusIsraelJordanLebanonPalestineSyria, and parts of southern Turkey.

ISIS refers to the “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria,” and ISIL refers to the “Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.”  (see map above)

Both acronyms point to the exact same thing: They are a Jihadist militant group hell-bent on implementing an Islamic caliphate throughout the Middle East and by force is their M.O.

The irony is that according to Quartz, the group’s real name is (in Arabic): “Al dawla al islamiyye f’il Iaq w’al sham.”

The proper label matters to them … but their drive and ambition matter more as evidenced by their rapid and blood thirsty advances across Syria and now deep into Iraq.  

The map above shows the "L" part of their ambitions. 

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