Thursday, October 9, 2014

How to Neuter a Wisconsin GOP Weasel (Mustela Frenata) — Use Supreme Court

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USSC Washington, DC


USSC ruling can be read here (one page .pdf... and seen here too. This is outstanding news. Perhaps there is justice after all?

Original story starts from here: The national headlines that impacts us all and should concern us all: 

“Ongoing legal battles over voting rights are threatening to complicate elections in some close races with national implications this November.”

(And, guess what? The GOP loves it).  

How do you measure the importance of an issue? GOPers for example will always say: “(1) lowers taxes (except for the rich); (2) more war, less peace (as they stand by and watch); (3) smaller government (except when they want to expand it); and (4) health care for women (we men will tell them what’s best for them).” Important issues for them for sure, but … for the rest of us? Not so darn important. 

Also, now consider this issue – a biggie, and one that I honestly think is the biggest issue right now that impacts the entire country – each and every one of us. Why? It speaks directly to our entire electoral system, structure of government, and life in general. Think hard about this question: “What if your right to vote was taken away?”

Case in point - WI and voter ID law (click the link):

Whether to allow Wisconsin’s strict voter ID law for this fall’s election is up to the Supreme Court – a decision that could come any day. But on Monday, an appeals court gave the law’s backers a big lift.

A three-judge panel of the 7th Circuit issued a ruling upholding the law. It was the same panel of all-Republican appointees that last month removed a district court judge’s injunction on the law, leading voting rights groups to ask the Supreme Court to intervene.

The 23-page ruling, written by Judge Frank Easterbrook, finds that the law is constitutional and does not violate the Voting Rights Act’s (VRA) ban on racial discrimination. The opinion is striking for its blithe tone in upholding a law that could disenfranchise many thousands. One prominent election law scholar called it “horrendous.” 

Still, the ruling could give the Supreme Court an additional reason to keep the ID measure in place. Courts tend to be less willing to overturn a full ruling on the merits than a more quickly issued order, which is all that the appeals panel had previously offered. Wisconsin had until 5 p.m. (October 7th) to make its case to the Supreme Court, the ruling could also give state lawyers some helpful tips for making its case.

More later - stop back by and thanks for stopping this time. Boy, is this great news ... excellent in fact.

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