Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Two Epidemics: (1) Ebola in West Africa, (2) Fear Mongering in the U.S.

4 to 7,000 miles depending on CONUS location

Three Leading the Fear Mongering Pack As it Were

This Scene Across America 
(mostly in GOP La-la land)

Dateline: Pictured above could be any GOP Senate or House candidate’s home where they are preparing their children to go outside and play with their FOX and friends. Usually in a community some 4 to 7,000 miles from West Africa (e.g., either New York, Texas, or California, take your pick).

Related story and many other like it can be seen here (  Highlights:
  1. Some 56 percent of Americans say the government is prepared to handle Ebola, including 61 percent of Democrats. 
  2. But that number is flipped on its head when you ask TEA "Party" voters: 57 percent of them say the government is not prepared, as do 54 percent of rural voters. 
  3. So two core components of the GOP red-state base coalition don’t trust the federal government, in the person of President Obama, to keep them safe – and there’s some political opportunity for Republicans in those numbers.

Leave it to the GOP play politics with our health and lives – rather than focus on the problem. They focus on staying in office or gaining office anyway possible even on this issue.

It will get worse over the next few weeks until election day is over, and it's already started.

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