Friday, October 31, 2014

FOX: Freedom to Distort, Deceive, Lie, Mislead, Misinform & Disinform

Three of the Nastiest, Meanest, Unprofessional, and well.... just Awful people
(Fox and Fiends - my label for them)

Only in America can we see and tolerate and actually allow this, the latest from FOX la la land on the way to the funny farm.  

How can FOX report that a man worth only $1.6 billion (which is a lot of money) spend nearly $43 billion on his continued effort to delay the Keystone XL pipeline. The spender, according to FOX is climate activist Tom Steyer, one who has lobbied strongly against the project. 

FOX claims that Mr. Steyer spent $42.9 billion on the midterm elections (screenshot below), which is a number that is nearly 600 times larger than the amount Steyer has actually spent.


Q: Did FOX knowingly (again) mislead the public with this, or was it just a (another) faux pas, as some say: Fox Paw?

Worse: FOX constantly reminds their viewers that they are the best and most-informed in the country since the so-called "mainstream" media is slanted and biased (against FOX naturally).

Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes must work very hard while staying up late at night figuring out this sh*t before their next broadcast don't you think about how to keep the public "informed in a fair and balanced" sort of way - but which way, I wonder?

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