Saturday, September 20, 2014

NY TIMES Study on "Media Bias" for Lack of a Better Word: Judge for Yourself

Sample of the 5 Charts - Revealing

The story from the NY TIMES (here from Media Matters) ... caught my eye:  

New York Times Analysis Finds Sunday News Shows Favor Conservative Guests 

Mainstream Media Bias? Ha … as if we didn't already know or suspect a lot of that (mostly accusations from Fox who feels slighted – double ha). 

Also interesting are the hosts of those on the networks of certain other shows. Watching their slant or political leaning as it were is also revealing. All one needs to do is watch any one of them, tie it to the latest daily headline or sound bite and bingo!!! It becomes pretty clear. The only thing I wonder is: Are they coached about how to use a certain slant? My hunch is, yes they are.

My quick assessment tells me that “Meet the Press” is more closely able to claim the label of “fair and balanced.” Thus, Mr. and Mrs. Fox: are you going to get a motto? Also, I note that ABC, CBS, and NBC (overall) seem to be all fairly equal in spreading the ideology more than FOX, which leans heavily right/GOP/conservative or just plain off the charts at times. But, hey, freedom of the press, right?  

So, does it matter? Probably not except for those who follow this stuff closely. Each network has their own brand of followers who will agree or not with them and thus help in their ratings just like FOX viewers – like minded, too. But, I also suspect a logical, rational average person will pause and take breath while scratching their head about FOX though. I know I do most of the time. Just a thought. Thanks for stopping by.       

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