Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How to Protect Voter Rights: Not Intimidate, Harass, Stymie, Block, or Scare Voters

Most-Honored and Cherished Right in America: Right to Vote Easily and Freely

FYI: A memo for the rightwing crowd who think our voting rights don't matter, or that our voting rights are NOT under harsh attack, or not in serious jeopardy. Well, think again. This story comes from the Badger State: “Conservative activists in Wisconsin are reportedly planning to intimidate African-American voters on Election Day, but that plot is far from concrete. Instead, voting rights advocates are focused on a far more definite threat at the polls — the state’s restrictive new voter ID law.”  

Talking Points Memo reported on a Facebook discussion between a group calling itself the “Wisconsin Poll Watcher Militia.” The conversation included individuals who were interested in following voters in minority-heavy cities to their homes and trying to catch people with outstanding warrants when they head to the polls. And according to a Capitol Times report from Sunday, the group also said they “prefer our people be armed.”  

Armed to do what: “protect voter” rights ... ha … give me a frickin' break. All this sounds like the new face of America. A face that is ugly, nasty, rabidly partisan, and damn sad.

I don't worry about this group per se:

However, I am greatly concerned about folks who are part of this group:

All eyes are now on WI - how ironic is that? Stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by.    

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