Thursday, September 18, 2014

FOX NEWS: Need Another Reason to Be Disgusted With Them — Try This Latest

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(The spin: Trust us and no one else)

Let's talk about this story, shall we. It sure got me up all fired up. 

"Despite multiple reports showing that the type of voter fraud IDs is supposed to protect against is virtually nonexistent, FOX NEWS has repeatedly advocated for those laws, even though they have been shown to disenfranchise eligible voters. Voter ID laws have real consequences on elections. 

“As the Brennan Center for Justice at NYC reported in a 2013 study, "free IDs are not equally accessible to all voters," and voter ID laws make it harder for hundreds of thousands of poor Americans to vote.”

As for me: I have this to say that I firmly believe that FOX is irresponsible when it comes to accurate news. The only things they want are clear in every broadcast: (1) bash the Dems, (2) bash Mr. Obama, and (3) being down our entire system.

FYI: FOX should be standing up for all rights of people but mostly voter rights, and not trying to degrade or lessen those rights. Why do I say that?  Simple: FOX’s single goal is to anyway possible SUBVERT the country and everything we stand for all the while saying they are not.

So, if FOX now admits that voter ID laws suck, why are they not at the forefront leading the charge to oppose those harsh laws and protect this cherished right? 

Um .... what Mr. and Mrs. F. O. X - cat got your tongue?

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