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Turmoil in Mexico and Latin America — Their Problems Have Become Ours: Why

Mexican Police Doing Some Good Stopping Criminals

The Bottom Line is the Bottom Line

I don’t know whether or not ISIS is, as some right wing outlets have “reported,” (i.e, with FOX leading the highway of hype) or has, or is planning to mass along the U.S. border with Mexico ready to invade and do great harm.

FOX LABELS THEIR REPORT AS EXCLUSIVE:  “Social media chatter shows Islamic State militants are keenly aware of the porous U.S.-Mexico border, and are “expressing an increased interest” in crossing over to carry out a terrorist attack, according to a Texas law enforcement bulletin sent out this week.

Note from TIME: U.S. government says “ISIS not ready to attack U.S. — yet?”  

Yet – oops.

But, I will say from what I have read, seen on the news, and know from my research about Mexico and Latin America, that well, it’s a ripe place for an outfit like ISIS.

For example, this from Forbes in a 2013 report, shows an alarming level of corruption in the Mexican government, their judiciary, and with their law-enforcement has earned them in 2013 the title of one of the two most corrupt countries in Latin America right alone side Argentina.

That data is based on the Global Corruption Barometer released in July 2013 by Transparency International, an anti-corruption nonprofit group. Mexico’s systems were perceived as the most corrupt with these negative ratings: 91% (their political parties); 90% (their police); 83% (their legislature); and 80% (their judiciary) – all related to level of corruption.

Added to that is this 2012 fine article from The New Yorker titled: THE KINGPINS.

The bottom line in all this plus the other coverage about Mexico appears to show that the “bottom line” is truly the “bottom line” over the border. Money and plenty of profits and innovative ways to pay for protection in an apparent “wink/wink, or wink and nod” or look the other way country is anything but a land where survival of fittest means anything. Instead survival of the fittest with the most dinero and ways to protect it by paying off others with lots of dinero is the national past time.

The world takes note, too, as reported on here by The Guardian (UK), with this snippet from an article a year ago (August 2013):  “Mexican authorities are struggling to control growing numbers of small town vigilante groups which have taken up arms in the name of protecting their communities against organized crime after local and federal police forces have failed to keep them safe.

All this helps explain why as a pressing issue this so-called Mexican government or whatever we choose to call it is simply ineffective. Corruption runs amok down there or so it seems, and thus that helps explain why tens of thousands of citizens from that neck of the woods flock to the U.S. safety, security, and a decent life. When a country can’t or won’t protect its citizens, let along provide the basics for them, well… we apt to see what we are seeing now on a larger growing scale.

This is truly a topic worth more study but more importantly a resolution. In a word: it can’t continue like this and as I said up front: it’s an ideal place ripe for the likes of ISIS for easy pickings and the things they offer … they would fit in nicely.

Stay tuned and stay on top of this. Thanks for stopping by.

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