Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hypocrisy is Our Middle Name — Signed the Formely Grand Old Party

As if We Didn't Already Know 

Who Didn't Know This, Too 
(this is not new info)

And, as noted in the post below, tell me it's not true about Obama-care, and then guess who is “Mr. Amnesty?” Yep, the same GOP “hero” – the Gipper himself, or so they keep reminding us (that is selective reminders BTW).

WASHINGTON, DC — President Ronald Reagan today (November 6, 1986) signed a landmark immigration bill that prohibits employers from hiring illegal aliens and offers legal status to many illegal aliens already in the United States. 

Yet, today, the same GOPers with their biased and narrow-minded mentality blast Mr. Obama because he does not want to crush or punish kids who sneaked into the U.S. or who have been here for decades in some cases. 

Re: That income drop for the middle class and GOP poll showing their attitude about who is and should be rewarded in the country is very revealing. Below is a very good segment on this subject:

My Summary:

DEMS: Stand with the working class, middle class, Unions who strive for better wages and working conditions, low wage workers, minorities, and they always have.

: Stand with, by, and for the top and they always have, all the while they hate Unions, most public employees, anyone who does not look or act like they do. 

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