Monday, August 18, 2014

A, B, C Pop Quiz: (A) U.S. Infantry; (B) Jack Bauer & CTU; (C) Local Police

Which is 101st Airborne Division soldier or St. Louis County Sheriff in Ferguson, MO

Or, 24-CTU TacTeam Agent

LA Times coverage of this suddenly growing concern: Community Police Force military style.

Beginning last Saturday, and then for several nights in a row, the image of Ferguson, MO police officers in camouflage pointing high-caliber rifles from armored vehicles at unarmed protesters was inescapable.

Seeing that much military-grade equipment, even in a small St. Louis suburb like Ferguson, has highlighted the debate over whether the arming of the nation's police forces has gone too far. Los Angeles Times correspondents checked in on a handful of police departments around the country to see how the debate affects them.

Here is another slant on the same story from the NY Times

And here from WTOP regarding the Nation's capital police and the same subject. 

Granted our police forces should always be better than those they confront in any situation, but do they have to look like they are ready to airdrop in Iraq and take on the ISIS, or deploy to North Korea, or should the situation dictate the tactics? The answer I think is self-evident.

More on this subject I am sure following what we are now seeing in Ferguson, MO.

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