Saturday, July 5, 2014

TransCanada: Keystone XL Pipeline Builders Back in the News

Bad News for Heartland U.S.A. Should Leaking Grow 
(Which is has grown recently)

So, they Can Move the Oil Anyway They Choose
(And not even a safe way)

This May Be Ambition
(But, what are they smoking in the other pipes)

Correct Label, but Nasty Stuff Inside

Updated story from Canada and the Keystone XL Pipeline builders in what I call a new venture in Canada that will impact the air considerably than ever. 

This new pipeline called, The Energy East pipeline, is bigger than the Keystone XL — in fact, it’s the most expensive pipeline project TransCanada has ever proposed.

If approved, Energy East would carry about 1.1 million barrels of tar sands crude across Canada each day. That’s more than Keystone XL, which would carry 830,000 barrels per day from Canada down to refineries in Texas.

Despite the company’s apparent attempt to avoid obstacles, the Energy East pipeline proposal has already gotten some push-back in Canada.

A February report from the Pembina Institute, for example, found Energy East would have an even greater impact on the climate than Keystone XL, with the potential to generate 30 to 32 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

In simple terms, that’s the equivalent of adding more than seven million cars to the roads, and more than the 22 million metric tons that the think tank predicts Keystone XL will produce.


The short answer is of course, it benefits TransCANADA, and for more and more HUGE PROFITS and not for jut about anyone else, except maybe those in oil thirsty China or India and other places who are willing to pay big money for this new supply of oil regardless of the damage the pipelines could cause in Canada and the U.S. along the way as they current leak like a sieve and as I posted later on, the clean up is taking longer than anyone predicted or suspected (the heavy crude sinks and cannot be easily skimmed off the water on top...

My assessment is simple and has been along on this effort: Their profit motives are NOT worth the risk to air and water and the land, period.

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