Monday, July 7, 2014

Open Carry Gun Laws in Public Places: How Can Anyone Call That Rational

GREEN Are "Open Carry" States
(Simple Question: Why - Just Because We Can)

The view of America that the world sees - Cowboy mentality and Wild, Wild West justice!!! Just because it's a right, is logically no reason to do it ... in a word: utter insanity. We have the right to adult sex, but on a park bench in front of kids? Hey, it's my right.

All this in your face seems to me pretty disgusting. Most of those guys look like they're out of work, have a shitty home life, maintain a lousy outlook in general, and suffer from pee-pee envy that Mel Brooks lectured on in the movie “High Anxiety” as Dr. Richard H.(arpo) Thorndyke.

High Anxiety

For the life of me I cannot reconcile law and order, massive gun violence in the country and states passing "right to carry gun laws" for just about anyplace, anytime, anywhere, and for one simple reason: 'cause it's our right. It may be their right, but I prefer to ask: Why? The Mel Brooks movie was fictional madness — what we see spreading across the county with these open-carry laws is factual madness.

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