Tuesday, July 22, 2014

GOP Hype: ACA (Obama-care) Costs Will Skyrocket — Reality: Oops

Enrolling in the ACA (Obama-care) Now Easy and Not Costly
(As the GOP predicted)

Drugs and Care and Treatment
(Big Costs)

First Question: What and why are health care costs to the Moon and back? 

The key components in health care spending and rising costs may not be what you think: rich doctors. Au contraire. Technology, administrative expenses, hospital costs, lifestyle choice, and chronic disease conditions (aided by massive Rx intervention) have all had greater impacts on rising overall health care costs than physicians.

The ACA (Obama-care) critics promised the law would send insurance premiums skyrocketing. They were wrong.  Or, if they're not wrong, they're at least not right yet.

Nearly 20 states have released preliminary information about premiums for insurance policies sold on their insurance exchanges, and the nightmare scenarios have not come to pass. In most of those states, the average increase across all exchange plans is in the single digits.

According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers analysis found in this article that our of 18 state initial filings, 10 would see see average premium increases of less than 10 percent — nominal hikes in line with the standard increases that have happened every year with or without Obama-care.

The outliers so far are Indiana, with an average increase of 15 percent, and Rhode Island, where the average premium will fall by about 1 percent.

Initial rates could still change: Several states have the power to review proposed increases and bargain for a better deal. But the early look at states' 2015 rates helps shed some light on whether Obama-care's second year will bring steep cost hikes.

Plus, we all have heard the GOP a million times: “Obama-care is a job killer.” Call this another potential oops moment. A few details can be found here  and here – FYI.

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