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Nine Dangerous Gun Nut Crazy Signs: 2014 Version

Hey, Who's in Charge Here

What's that around his neck: Must be his "good luck" charm
(A gun nut for sure - Velkom to the New Amerika)

Follow up and update on the following story about NRA and their power and influence in this very good article from

June 19, 2014 | The recent news has been filled with anything but acceptable behavior by gun nuts. A Montana man sets a trap for burglars and executes a teenage intruder. A Virginia man strapping on a holster shoots himself in the penis. So-called open-carry activists keep walking into Texas malls and restaurant chains with assault rifles. And federal airport screeners say 2014 will set a record for travelers forgetting they are carrying guns.

What follows are nine points showing the craziness and changing factors over guns. They are listed at the link.

It all sounds too bizarre, doesn’t it – but sadly, it’s all too real. The insanity and love affair for and about guns is maddening even for those who support the 2nd amendment and I am in that group, but I am also a realist who strongly believes we have to do something to stop this insanity. Those who fear government and feel that their primary and anti-this or that moods are valid reasons to be armed to the teeth anywhere in the country as some state advocate adds to the utter insanity. Guns in bars, open on campus, even in church, or anywhere in public is about as mad as anyone can imagine, yet they won't give up. 

The following major story adds the proof of how despicable the NRA tactics are and how pervasive and ugly those tactics have been and will continue on this path - with this and you can't get any more lunatic that this ... about the NRA's move and tactics to block the surgeon general nominee ... add this story to the mix. Gun researcher John Lott, an economist well known for his thoroughly discredited “More Guns, Less Crime” theory, is the latest member of right-wing media to offer baseless attacks on surgeon general nominee, Dr. Vivek Murthy. According to Lott, one of the “good reasons” to oppose Dr. Murthy is that he supports doctors advising parents to safely store firearms so they are inaccessible to children. Thus are we to conclude that the NRA has no problem with children having access to their parent's gun locker? Sure seem that way. 

Two key points seen in these two segments about guns, the power of the NRA, and the rash of insane laws about to get more insane:



My points of view and simply stated: I would not change on single word in any of the Bill of Rights in any way, not even about guns, because I do nor see anything wrong with owning a gun, or several  guns, being responsible about them and the danger they pose, and for self defense, or sport shooting, or for and hunting. It is one of our basic rights. 

At the same time I ask: Why have an arsenal in your basement? No one needs a box full of an AR-15’s at home, or in their car, or truck. Also, there is no need for high-capacity clips, magazines, or drums, except maybe at a gun club for range shooting — then under strict lock and key. Today all over the country we are seeing more “open carry” laws for guns in bars, on campus, and in churches, and that is simply insane. Not having detailed national background checks that the NRA now 100% opposes and that they used to advocate, illustrates my point. Then add this insanity about the NRA:

1.  They oppose closing the “terror watch list” gap
2.  They oppose closing the “no background checks at gun shows”
3.  They support “stand your ground laws” (should be renamed the Zimmerman law)
4.  They support “guns in the workplace”
5.  They support “guns in bars and on campus”
6.  They support more and easier “open carry gun laws”
7.  They support guns on Amtrak

More guns, more open carry laws, more "stand your ground loopholes" will equal more gun violence and death. Who wants that? Apparently, the NRA. 

BTW:  Here is extract from the letter that Dr. Vivek Murthy, President Obama’s surgeon general nominee, wrote and that the NRA opposes — thus they are trying to block his confirmation:

The NRA's guns are fully loaded with their new "fear" rounds — they reach far and wide and impact with deadly force, and their ammo dumps are stocked. Their campaign of fear works. That's the worst part.

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