Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Let's Be Clear: Fiery Rhetoric, Nasty Ugly Words Have Direct Consequences

The Ploy is Clear
 Sample Message and Messenger: A Clear Purpose and Intent
(It is more dangerous than just "freedom of speech")

Not even counting the radicals at home bent on dismantling the entire Federal government system, but imagine what our enemies abroad think as they soak all this in:

(1) The revolution has begun (shouted by the two recent Las Vegas cop killers).

(2) Now is the time to arm yourself and prepare to take action.

(3) Now is the time for the blood to flow to cleanse the system.

(4) We need to take back our country.

(5) We need to invoke our 2nd Amendment rights and do whatever it takes to stop "them."

Fiery GOP-Rightwing rhetoric that is anti-government, anti-everything does have consequences. Words do matter. But, then those who spew their hatred try to wash their hands and claim innocence a goofy grin and say, “Who, me?” That of course, is no excuse.

Over the past several decades and more so since January 20, 2009, the GOP-Right, now run by the TEA “party” wing have mastered the the PR game. However, they seem to think that their words don't convey a message that is both dangerous and quite frankly bordering on the insane.

So, yes, just imagine what our enemies think ... perhaps they feel obliged or anxious to help in the “cause” here the good old U.S. of A. 

A good segment here on this exact topic (about 7 minutes). Blatant lies passing as fake patriotism:

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