Monday, June 30, 2014

Another Oil Spill: Near My Hometown, but Oil Profits Are Up

Pipeline Spills Since 2010
(Some still not cleaned up)

Route 51 Runs Straight Through My Hometown
(About 60 miles south of Patoka)

This update from MSNBC (the Ed Show) (about 6 minutes), plus update on BP:

An interesting article here ... the headlines:  "Cycling Along the Keystone Pipeline: Patoka, IL"
The heart of this story: There is no impact (pro or con) per se for that small community and the pipeline. However, should any of the storage tanks or pipeline burst or explode, well, that'd be a different story as they say.
Updated (May 29, 2014) is pretty good news - up to this point. Highlights and the headline:

A nearly $3 million jury verdict against a Texas oil and gas company highlights regulatory failures and health risks linked to fracking... 

Call this a family’s persistence that pays off: Between February 2010 and July 2011, Lisa and Bob Parr filed 13 complaints about air pollution from gas and oil operations near their ranch in Wise County, Texas. Sometimes they had trouble breathing, they told the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). They also experienced nausea, nosebleeds, ringing ears and rashes.

Other families were also alarmed. Between 2008 and 2011, the TCEQ received 77 complaints from Wise County, in the Barnett Shale drilling area in North Texas. One said the odor was so powerful that the complainant “couldn’t go outside,” according to the TCEQ report.

Frustrated and angry, the Parrs decided to sue. Their attorney warned them that lawsuits against the oil and gas industry rarely, if ever, succeed. But the Parrs persisted and last month won what appears to be the first successful U.S. lawsuit alleging that toxic air emissions from oil and gas production sickened people living nearby. A Dallas County jury found that Aruba Petroleum, a privately owned company based in Plano, Texas, “intentionally created a private nuisance” that affected the family's health and awarded the Parrs almost $3 million in damages.

More on my series about this topic: The waiting time for approval or not, of the Keystone XL Pipeline extension through the heart of mid-America. This interesting historical update from the ED SHOW (MSNBC) is about 16 minutes. A very good review of this most depressing and apparently growing issue: Pipeline breaks and oil spills.

A lot on this subject follows in other posts below ... I hope everyone gets fully engaged. The Keystone XL pipeline extension must not be approved ... too much is at stake. The potential risk and already proven risk to date is simply not worth it. This latest spill should reinforce that premise.

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