Sunday, May 25, 2014

VA Scandal: GOP Outrage Vis-à-vis Transient Global Amnesia

The VA Motto Established by President Lincoln

The only thing the GOP cares about is their own self-survival in office and they will resort to anything, good, bad, or ugly to achieve that survival. 

The current VA scandal is a classic example. It is bad but some of us never forget other VA-related issues. We remember - like this:

A broad Department of Veterans Affairs bill that would have expanded benefits for former service members and repealed a military pension cut for future troops was rejected by the GOP in the Senate. Why?

Now, once again, Speaker Boehner wants to privatize the VA - an idea he had about 20 years ago. That story from here >>>

Maybe we will privatize the next war too — or maybe we’ll have one and no one will show up?

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