Thursday, May 15, 2014

Poor Whittle Oppressed GOP Rightwingers: Ask Them to Find Out

The Speaker's Plan

GOP Tacticat
(be afraid, very afraid)

Hard to deny this — a very good analysis from this story: “Latest Right-Wing Propaganda Ploy: Bullies of the Christian Right Pretend They're Oppressed…” My synopsis:

The religious right has many potent weapons in its arsenal: (1) sanctimony, (2) bigot-pandering, and (3) dishonesty all rank right up at the top. But, lately, pretending to be victimized seems to top the list.

Fact: We have become a sound bite-driven, points-scoring political culture that resists deeper analysis of the issues, thus making it perfect for bad actors to muddy up the issues.

i.e., Accuse your opponent of doing something disgusting, which in fact, you are actually doing.

i.e., Oppress people, by claiming you are being oppressed.

i.e., Deprive people of their rights, while whining about how your rights are supposedly under attack and being taken away.

The idea is simple enough: Confuse audiences (usually your staunch reliable base) about who is actually oppressing them and their rights and make sure it’s long enough that they give up or not actually bother to learn or seek the truth.

I would add, when pinned down or caught in a falsehood or downright lie on Youtube or on tape: Duck, dodge, deceive, and deny all the while claiming you were taken out of context, then stall as long as possible with a good set of talking points hoping the public indeed has a short memory.

If all that fails: Blame someone else, then say you need to spend more time with your family.

Unfortunately, this all can be devastatingly effective propaganda and the GOP has mastered it, but they would never admit it. You know things like: “they want your guns; they want to take way all your freedoms and rights; government is running and ruining your life, etc. etc.” These days most of it is directed squarely at the DEMS and Mr. Obama. Has been like that since January 20, 2009 (yes, Mr. Obama’s first day in office).

But, hey, don’t take my word for it. Ask Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) what the primary goal of the GOP minority in the Senate has been since day one. I am sure he would remind you what it was, and oh, BTW: Mitch old pal how's that strategy working for you? 

Chalk it up as another Rick “Whoops” Perry moment.

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