Friday, May 9, 2014

No Freaking Way Not to Frack: Koch Brothers Grand Scheme Unfolding

They Have the Dough to Make the Bread to Fund the Fracking

Their Pledge With Footnote 
(More on the Way)

Where to Spend It All
(and why)

The why question is the easiest to answer: The Koch's want total legislative control to massively get more involved in fracking every piece of land in the country ... and that also applies to Canada, where they are as this headline points out

Koch Brothers Are Largest Lease Holders in Alberta Tar Sands

Key point: Activists argue that the Koch's have a huge stake in the outcome of the Keystone XL battle because the pipeline would drive down crude oil transportation costs, benefiting all oil sands lease holders, like them.

Additionally, this story is very concerning ... it kind of ties it all in a nice bundle that the Koch's have been steadily working on. That story comes from Think Progress.

Finally this segment (about 8 minutes) from MSNBC regarding the giant steps and extreme lengths the Koch's will go to help ensure the GOP takes total control of Congress after the midterms in November with one simple method: Provide the massive amounts of money to buy and then own the two Houses of Congress to get bills that the Koch's have wanted for a very long time. 

The bottom line if there is one: The voters have the power and are the key to stopping this moneyed madness. Stay tuned.

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