Monday, April 28, 2014

Stop the Clown Car: The Koch's Want To Get On For A Free Ride

Building Blocks on the Road to Total Control 

The Last Hurdle: How to Acquire the Sun

Quite an amazing story from Alternet. Yes, and I couldn't believe the headlines at first, either:

"Now That Solar Capacity is Soaring — Koch Brothers Demand Tax on the Sun"

Another WTF moment destined for the history books with this introduction from the story:

“U.S. Solar electric capacity has expanded explosively — 418% — from 2,326 megawatts in 2010 to 12,057 MW in February 2014, an increase of 9,731 MW reports the U.S. Energy Information Agency.”

“Solar has moved rapidly from a niche market to 1.13% of total U.S. capacity.  To stop the rapid growth of solar, which is threatening to break Americans from the death grip of fossil fuels, the Koch Brothers are demanding to tax the sun.”

We all know how deeply the Koch brothers are into fossil fuel, so it's no wonder that “...this great progress in bringing clean energy to the individual threatens monopolists from the Koch brothers to electric utilities.”

The Kochs have conspired with utilities to write legislation to force individuals to pay a tax to the utility companies for accessing the traditional power grid. The Koch Brothers have demanded laws to tax the sun.

Story continues at the link. A good read for sure. Check it out. Still, I have to ask, since the Koch brothers have so much money (just over $100 billion by some recent estimates), why don't they just buy the Sun. Who owns it anyway? BTW: They added some $1.3 billion recently and while President Obama is still in office - and yet they still dislike him (a lot) for his policies? Why is that?

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