Friday, April 4, 2014

Justice May Be Blind: Just Not Color Blind — Case in Point

A lot of Green Buys a lot Justice...

Image of America Today

This story caught my eye and I felt just the woman in the picture. What about you? Highlights in my own words: I want hear anyone with a straight face reconcile, or even try to reconcile, these two stories:

Case #1: In 2009, Robert H. Richard IV, an unemployed heir to the DuPont family fortune, pleaded guilty to fourth-degree räpë of his three-year-old daughter. The judge spared him any justifiable sentence, instead putting him on probation, saying in part: “...he is a one-percent person, and thus he would not fare well in prison.” The details of that case just came to light.

I call this a WTF moment.

Case #2: Shanesha Taylor, age 35, African-American mother of two and unemployed. She was charged with felony child abuse in Scottsdale, AZ for leaving her two small children alone in a car for a little over an hour while she went for a job interview. She was taken immediately to jail, where she was held for a week. At the same time, her two children were put in the custody of Child Protective Services, where they still remain. Yes, two small children unattended in a car is ill-advised and not proper. However, under the circumstances that Ms. Taylor did that may simply be slightly written off as poor judgment and possibly the only one she had at the time.

But compared to the rich guy raping his 3-year old daughter? Let me hear the rationale. 

Words cannot even come close to expressing my outrage and I hope yours, too. So, now what? 

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