Thursday, April 10, 2014

GOP House Passes Ryan Budget by One Vote: Cold, Callous, and Cruel

GOPers Drag Ryan's Budget Across the Finish Line 

The BDA*
(Budget Damage Assessment)
(* Military Term: Bomb Damage Assessment)

This post is actually an update the post below, now posted since the the bill passed the all-GOP controlled House by one single vote. Note: 12 GOPers voted “No” along with every single Democrat.

About that Corporate income tax rate reduction — it was done and the GOP didn't even bother to close a single tax loophole ... go figure. Trickle down will surely be trickle up (in their coffers for November).

A short segment explains this a bit more here ... enjoy:

I wonder: Are there no low-income folks in Paul Ryan's district? Apparently not enough to vote him out of office. 

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