Sunday, March 9, 2014

Our Government Structure: Checks and Balances for Three Equal Branches

Constitutional Set Up: Great System, Let's Play by the Rules, Shall We

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(I strongly believe in  the "We" part)

This fine article by Jonathan Turley (in the LA TIMES) who happens to be a Professor of Law at George Washington University and recently testified in Congress on the growing violations of the separation of powers, is getting some attention and rightly so. I agree with most of his fine piece and in particularly this summary stated this way (my emphasis added):

Mr. Turley says: “I happen to agree with many of the president's policies. However, in our system, it is often more important how we do something than what we do. Priorities and policies and presidents change. Democrats will rue the day of their acquiescence to this shift of power when a future president negates an environmental law, or an anti-discrimination law, or tax laws.”

I would add to that rue the day part to apply equally to GOP out of power right now to remember these things if and when they get back into the White House. That is the main and most-critical point I think. We have a great system in place that has served us well for exactly 225 years (ratified on March 4, 1789). It must not be abused by either side.

At far too many times today we see and hear the rancor in Washington from both sides and more so since Mr. Obama took office in 2009, and for numerous reasons I won't go into detail in this post, but I'm pretty sure most of us know what I am talking about.

I do not like to pick and choose sides in this analysis because I feel strongly about our system as shown in the chart above (equal branches of government checking and balancing each other to work for all of us). So, it is far too important and critical to just pooh-pooh away the rancor an ugliness we see with some catchy clich√© like “Well, it’s just politics as usual.” I think it's for more serious than that.

No matter what your views and opinions are, or what your voting habit is, it all really boils down to each of us looking the mirror each day because the #1 solution will be staring right back at you – people must get and stay engaged and involved otherwise nothing good will follow and the system suffers.

Apathy and cynicism are the worst enemies in our society because they breed contempt, anger, ugliness, and hatred and that translates into people staying home and not voting, or voting for more of the same, or even some movement to suppress the vote for political gain. None of that is good or healthy for the “We” part of our welfare. 

The article by Mr. Turley is worth reading, maybe two or three times. Just a suggestion. Enjoy.

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