Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WSJ is Uncle Ruppy Murdoch's Political Toy With this Slanted Coverage

Photo Credit: Media Matters 

The above two photos are chilling because they point to extremely violent actions proposed by anti-abortion foes as addressed in the story also from Media Matters here that some say the USSC is paving the way for more of the same. From the story in part - the Murdoch slant follows this background: 

Just before the Supreme Court was scheduled to hear oral arguments over a law designed to protect workers and patients at women's health clinics, the Wall Street Journal ignored the history of murder and violence women have faced in the past at the hands of anti-choice activists, instead claiming that the law's "sole purpose" was to criminalize "peaceful" protests.

The Supreme Court heard the arguments in McCullen v. Coakley, which is a challenge (examples of shooting and death are here) that could invalidate a 2007 Massachusetts law that created 35-foot "buffer zones" around local reproductive health center entrances. The law was designed as a response to public safety concerns after patients and staff at Massachusetts clinics faced a pattern of intimidation, harassment, and extreme violence from protesters, including the fatal shooting of two women.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board's January 14, 2014 preview of the Supreme Court arguments (scheduled for January 15) did not mention violence once. Instead, the editorial repeatedly characterized anti-choice protesters as "peaceful," framing the law as simply a "chance to advance free speech" and ignored the events leading up to the law's passage to claim that the "real purpose of the state's abortion buffer zones is to limit, and criminalize, peaceful political speech." How pathetic is that spin? Hence, my point.

Court watchers believe the high court will shoot down the buffer as a matter of "free speech" infringement since the protesters there have been low-pitched and not aggressive, but solemn in their approach to talk to women as the get ready to enter the door - ergo: just giving counseling and not harm. At least not yet, right?

A lot of people are holding their collective breath over this one. Check back later.

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