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Update on Sen. Charles Schumer: On Duty as the Guardian of Israel

Strong relationship, yes, but at what cost???

Schumer's Latest Ploy

Second (Major) Update (January 12, 2014): Schumer has not gotten his "sanctions" bill or amendment through the Senate yet, so Mr. Obama has in essence preempted that with this statement today, in part (the President's full statement is here):

First Update Update (January 11, 2014): The original post follows this update. I call it “Back to the Future” as it were from Sen. Schumer and his AIPAC speech a few years ago. It is this one single part of his speech, his summary that continues to upset and set badly with me in more way than I can count. He being a staunch Israeli supporter is fine and dandy, and so am I because they are our #1 ally in the ME. But, to announce that in the senate you are a “Guardian of Israel and that is one of your roles” is not right. To me that goes way beyond the pale for several reasons, the least being him pandering for votes and money for his campaign coffer. I am greatly opposed to that line of thought and reasoning and especially since he is also my Senator.

At one time I had all three parts of that AIPAC speech, but it has been pulled from Youtube (their message is seen here).  I can't find anywhere. I therefore wonder why not – by whom and for what reason was it pulled? However, I the next best thing from the New Yorker magazine posted here. 

Schumer in that AIPAC speech concluded this in part:  “You know, my name comes from the word Shomer, which is guardian, watcher. My ancestors were guardians of the Ghetto wall in Chortkov. And I believe Hashem (Orthodox word for God) actually gave me that name. One of my roles, very important in the United States Senate, is to be a Shomer -- to be a or the Shomer Yisrael (Guardian of Israel). And I will continue to be that with every bone in my body ...”

No, Senator that is NOT one of your roles in the Senate. You have a sworn duty as a Senator to vote on Israeli-U.S. issues for sure. You also have an obligation to vote for or against policy directed towards them and to help provide them aid in accordance with our treaties. But, you are NOT a guardian of that state, or any state or country, none whatsoever. You are a guardian of New York State.

This story and his latest move is highlighted here from The Hill. He is pushing for a senate vote on new sanctions against Iran, vis-à-vis the nuclear agreement now on the table between that country, the U.S. and several other western powers. A concern is this from the story: The sanctions bill would slap new restrictions on Iran's energy sector if the country reneges on its commitments under the preliminary deal reached in November or fails to agree to a final deal that bars the country from enriching uranium. The White House says the sanctions could derail nuclear talks and is pressing Reid not to hold a vote.

And, yes at that time, we could slap new sanctions on them ... but this preemptive vote is not a good idea at all. It also panders to the GOP base, their red meat war drum chanting crowd, and that is wrong, too.

Original post summary starts from here: This headlines from Talking Points Memo got my attention and was the basis for this post: “Schumer Disappointed With Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal.”

My first question was: Why would Sen. Schumer be so strongly against this agreement at this early stage of its approval and implementation.

Thus this update reinforces his whole premise of working in the Senate for Israel as a Guardian for them.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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