Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 Issue: Update and Impact of Senate Inaction

“Okay, let's tamp this thing down right now and please our base, okay?”

From the ED Show (MSNBC)

Original Post Follows This Update (January `5, 2014): Update is shown on the new chart - and it's pretty easy to comprehend, too.

The Bottom Line: The GOP does not give a crap about the unemployed, period. Hell, they probably don't vote anyway, right, Mr. and Mrs. Gee Old Poops???

Good 8-minute rundown here - FYI:

Look at the monetary loss to states - the unemployed spend the money they get.

Say, Sen. McConnell (R-KY): Are you practicing savvy politics, nasty politics, dirty politics, or routine GOP blackmail? My bet is on the latter.

The story is from here (Talking Points Memo). The heart of the issue is pretty simple:

Reid wants to control the amendments in order to protect his vulnerable Democratic members from taking painful votes ahead of the November congressional elections.

McConnell offered an amendment that would pay for an extension of jobless benefits by delaying Obama-care's individual mandate for a year. That's the blackmail part.

Why does the GOP want a year delay? Pretty simple actually. McConnell and the entire GOP want total control to keep the House and take the Senate in November midterms. Afterwards, they would vote to totally repeal the ACA law (Obama-care.)

This could be called clever GOP strategy, a nasty trick, or wishful thinking. Hopefully the voters will pick up on this aspect and totally reject it in November. What the Senate GOP is doing is not good government; it may be good politics from their perspective, but it is lousy public policy.

More later.

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