Monday, December 16, 2013

113th Congress and Speaker Boehner Taking a Vacation — Fake Moxie

GOP Heading for Sunny Weather — So, Why So Glum 

What we see here is our tax dollars going to fund full-time pay for members for their less than part-time work, if we can actually call it work. Why, really, why???

The GOPers recently rushed to pat themselves on the back as they also rushed for the door and a 3-week vacation after reaching a budget deal which is worse than no budget deal at all by many expert evaluations.

For example: 

The deal: It passed 332 to 94 after it had paralyzed Congress for nearly three years. Hard-line conservatives opposed to any compromise are livid and have threatened to double down as it were in the future - ouch... stand by for that. While it is true this deal passed the GOP-controlled House and is pending in the Dem-controlled Senate, that does not mean it’s a good deal for the country. In fact, as the CS Monitor noted: "... it’s a bad deal, for at least three reasons."

1.  It fails extend unemployment benefits for 1.3 million jobless who will lose them in a few weeks. These people and their families are still caught in the worst downturn since the Great Depression. Almost three Americans are jobless for every job that’s available – a ratio worse than it was at the bottom of the last downturn. Moreover, the nation still harbors an unprecedented number of long-term unemployed. In past recessions emergency benefits continued until the rate of long-term employment hovered around 1 percent or less. But the current level of long-term unemployed is 2.6 percent.

2.  It is a bad deal because it contributes to the nation’s savage inequality. It does not close a single tax loophole for the wealthy, and it does not restore food stamps to the poor or work to solve the problems with Medicare and Medicaid.

3.  The deal makes no fiscal sense. In fact, it is topsy-turvy. This deal contains no short-term stimulus, and does nothing about the long-term deficit, and although it overrides the dreaded “sequester” that mindlessly cut domestic spending, except for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, it does not put an end to the sequester itself.

In fact it only postpones more bad news for two  more years, but then what: Well, it's back to square one with the same old, same old frickin’ mess and worse, maybe with the same old members in office, or God-forbid, any new TEA radicals.

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