Friday, November 1, 2013

GOP Thrives on Bogus Benghazi Eyewitness Story for Political Gain

60 Minutes Segment Presented Eyewitness to Benghazi Attack
FOX and GOP Run Wild About 60 Minutes Benghazi Witness Story

Both picture labels above are factual. However, the problem is the whole 60 Minutes segment and FOX and GOP glee since are based on false and misleading information, plus a bit of GOP disinformation that would make the old USSR blush in envy.

Basis of the story still unfolding and the purpose of this post comes from this report at Media Matters:

In part (paraphrased): Following the revelation that a key witness featured in the CBS 60 Minutes report on Benghazi had claimed there was an eyewitness, well... it is now revealed that the eyewitness in the 60 Minutes segment never even got near the besieged diplomatic compound on the night of the attack. 

In light of that, Media Matters chairman David Brock is calling on CBS to retract the 60 Minutes story. Mr. Brock's letter can be seen in it's entirety at the link.

However, waiting to see if CBS or any major network for that matter, would ever “retract” a story would be like calling for the Sun to rise in the West and set in the East. It ain't gonna happen, or at least it is not very likely to happen. The fancy footwork is not just starting. 

Since that 60 Minutes story broke, the GOP has gone wild and they now deserve a TV show of their own: “GOPers Gone Wild.”

Reflect back: On October 27, CBS aired a report on the Benghazi attacks that featured the claims of a supposed eyewitness using the pseudonym “Morgan Jones.”  Just today (November 1, 2013), the Washington Post revealed that Jones, whose real name is Dylan Davies, previously filed a report with his security contractor employer saying that he “could not get anywhere near” the compound the night of the attack. 

But, sadly much of the cheering, and damage from the GOP's point of view, had already been and in fact even today still being trumpeted by conservative media and Republican politicians as reflected in this links and actual clips shown here. 

Bottom line, if there is a bottom line: the GOP should be ashamed of itself for not dealing in facts. Instead they have chosen to run with the 60 Minutes eyewitness story as described herein. So, would any of them apologize - about as likely as CBS apologizing and retracting the segment. What harm, if any has been inflicted? — perhaps none yet. Let's watch more of this unfold as the GOP ups the ante for 2014 and of course, 2016.

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