Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Corporations are People My Friend — Round Two — But, Still a Crock

United States Supreme Court

Two key health care questions related to a woman’s health care concerns are coming before the high court. They are reminiscence of this answer from Mitt Romney to a man in the crowd at his rally in AmesIowaAugust 11, 2011, when he snapped at the man:  “Corporations are people, my friend.” 

Sadly, that same court that ruled 5-4 the Citizens United, which as now know opened up the Floodgates of Hell regarding unlimited amounts of uncontrolled Corporation money ... a point we still have not gotten over yet. Now, here we are again the same basic question: “Are corporations thee same as people” highlighted in this article – it poses a two-part question for the court: 

1.  “Do corporations have religious liberty, and, if they do, does required coverage of birth control under the Affordable Care Act violate it?”  In an order issued Tuesday, the Court said it would take up a case brought by the Oklahoma City-based craft store chain Hobby Lobby, in which the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals said contraceptive coverage was a violation of religious liberty, regardless of the fact that Hobby Lobby is a corporation and not an individual.

2.  At the same time, the Court will hear a case brought by the Mennonite cabinet maker Conestoga Wood Specialties, in which the Third Circuit said that corporations don’t have religious liberty.

My view, which I think is a very rational and common sense view: How can a corporation, business, industry, or anything other than a person have be entitled to and share in “individual rights such as those in the Bill of Rights?”

To me, and I hope to you, too, it is insane to think a high-rise building that is headquarters to any corporation has the same rights as you or I or any citizen in the country. It is beyond comprehension to think they do, but we are about to find out (possibly again) with another 5-4 ruling.

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