Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Can GOP-Right Wing-TEA Weasels Ever Admit They Are Wrong

Insurance Giants Have No Shortage of Ink for This Stamp
(We need to ask why???)

Two stories relate to this post vis-à-vis “Obama lied, you can't keep your insurance if you like it, yada yada, yap, yap, etc. etc., and the website is down, ergo this proves that Obama-care is a failure.” Those sound bytes have become the GOP’s theme.

First Article from Mother Jones: Intro and highlights: 

The GOP has gleefully jumped on media reports about Americans having their health insurance plans nixed because of Obama-care.

They have been harping: “Obama lied. My health plan died.”  Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin wrote in September, referring to President Barack Obama's promise that people who liked their health insurance plans could keep them. But how many Americans' health plans would receive some form of cancellation notice if GOP hardliners got their wish and repealed Obama-care?

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Second Article from Raw Story: Intro and highlights from this story, which is really a great story: 

A retired woman in Pittsburgh, who suffers from Type 2 diabetes, is celebrating after she said her monthly health insurance premiums went from over $500 to just over $1 because of President Barack Obama’s health care reform law.

Since the October 1 roll-out of the Affordable Care Act, many Republicans and much of the media have been focused on the fact that a small percentage of Americans have been not been able to keep low-quality insurance plans that failed to meet federal standards.

But 57-year-old Gail Roach told WTAE that she found a great deal by completing her application by phone instead of using the broken website.

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So, can right wing weasels ever admit that we need a wait and see approach and try to get the ACA to work rather than this destroy and burn approach that they are employing. ACA is a program and plan that will benefit millions, huh? 

Right now that seems highly doubtful.

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