Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Drinking TEA or Sipping Koch: New Way to Undermine America

Billionaire Koch Brothers - Sick Agenda

Sick Anti-ACA/Obama-care Health Care Ad

Creepy Ad - creepy Koch brothers and their billions to harm people - pretty cut and dried.

Highlights from here:

“In case you haven’t seen the roll out of the Koch brothers’ latest disinformation campaign: Two Creepy Uncle Sam ads are now running on TV, The Glove and The Exam. (see link above).

“The Glove targets young men. A twenty-something guy is in an exam room. The doctor tells him to take his pants off, lie on his side and bend his knees to his chest. It looks like he’s going to get a prostate exam. But his doctor leaves, and out of nowhere Uncle Sam pops up by the young guy’s behind and pulls on a latex glove. The patient is freaked.” 

The Ad concludes: “Don’t let government play doctor. Opt out of Obama-care.” 

The message of “The Glove is You Are young. Don’t sign up for a health care exchange. Screw the individual mandate. You’re a free man. Act like it.”

Bottom line as they say: Big money does big things and not always good things. Classic example of money being bad medicine, literally.

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