Sunday, October 6, 2013

Do Birds of a Feather Really Flock Together in the Senate

Sens. Paul (R-KY), Gillibrand (D-NY), Cruz (R-TX) -- Ouch for NY

John Oliver, subbing for Jon Stewart on the Daily Shows, after a warm fuzzy 5 minutes with Gillibrand on her fav issues switched topics to something that he said bothered him: regulation of big banks.
“Help me understand the relationship between banks and politics,” Oliver asked. He noted that she was the top recipient of donations from Goldman Sachs in 2011-2012, and JP Morgan was her No. 2 top donor over the past five years, adding: ” … What do you have to do for that money?”
Gillibrand gamely said Congress needed to do more, and got applause for noting her support for publicly funded campaigns.
In part three of the extended interview, Oliver began by pointing out that he likes Gillibrand, which makes it easier for him to ask if there’s anything the public can do to stop her from taking all that money from too-big-to-fail banks. The discussion then turned to Gillibrand’s January 2012 letter to regulatory agencies expressing concern over the Volcker rule.
This we have this interesting editorial from the NY Times (July 5, 2013) raises some eyebrows, too, or at least it should. 
This editorial criticizes her and Sen. Charles Schumer along with four other Democratic senators, for trying to delay crucial financial regulations on derivatives, which are part of financial reform law passed in 2010; contends they are going against cause of reform and are lobbying for delays that will derail the law
Here's the deal on Sen. Gillibrand: she's the female version of Schumer: head for the nearest camera and limelight and ride it forever while raking in tons and tons of big special interest money claiming to work for average Americans (on the items she selects to keep her in that limelight). A media glory hound seems to fit her  nicely but that photo of her with Rand Paul and Ted Cruz is very troubling - one wonders what goes on behind the scenes. Bi-partisanship, I suppose? I wonder what that really means.

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